Adjustable & transferable

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Why Opticus?

Each OPTICUS magnifier loupe is individually adjustable.
Adjustable for any kind of facial feature. Instead of the W-shaped nose bridge,
nose pads and adjustable extra-long temple arms are included with your loupe.

Hinges and frame made of titanium.


a = distance from pupil: 54-72mm
b = distance from center of cornea: 11mm
c = Nasal off-center correction: min. left-right 3mm

Why Opticus magnifier loupes?

“Everything is adjustable – and transferrable!”
Do you wear glasses? Each of our magnifier loupes can be fitted with your exact vision correction. If your vision changes,
simply provide us with your new numbers, and you then can change the lenses.
To protect your eyes, simply use non-corrective lenses. The closer to the eye, the more protection you have.

LED lighting

To provide an exact and even lighting of the vision field. So you can see perfectly everything that counts.

An additional benefit is the low weight of only 3 grams.

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